Blue everywhere & Antarctica Ocean’s I’M WATCHING campaign

The Blue Ocean Film Festival is just around the corner, only a week away! Today the winner for the “How Do I See the Ocean” Google contest was announced. The chosen video is from Ben and Teresa of “Sailing Simplicity & the Pursuit of Happiness“.  The timing could have not been more perfect for them as they will also celebrate their honeymoon, after tying the knot last August.


On another note, besides being published on the EPIC blog, my posts from reporting live during the festival will appear on the SeaMonster Blog and the Speak Up for the Blue website. Make sure to follow my twitter handle EPIConservation for live updates.

Finally, for Antarctica Ocean Alliance‘s campaign, I’M WATCHING, I will be teaming up with AOA’s Communication Director Blair Palese to photograph the festival’s attendees and make them “Watchers”. The campaign is an attempt to influence the anticipated and much debated CCAMLR meeting which will decide on some crucial conservation issues for Antarctica and its surrounding ocean.

The campaign is fantastic in the way that it goes beyond the simple and outdated process of a petition. Teaming up with Instagram, and using our society’s best friend, the smart phone, people all over the world are invited to snap a photo of themselves either with a pair of binoculars or making a circle over the eye. The message is simple – telling the parties involved with CCAMRL that the world is watching. Make sure to join the watch! (#JoinTheWatch)

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