“To “feel the wild” one must truly embed one’s self in it. This is obviously what Daniel Fox has spent time doing, keenly experiencing, savouring and appreciating with his whole being. His breathtaking photos and thoughtful verbal accounts reflect this communion with #nature at every level.” Painter Robert Bateman

“Daniel Fox knows that there are no words and no photographs that can capture and hold nature as well as your imagination. Yet he meticulously shares stories and makes beautiful images that compel us to listen. It’s his hope for you and his dream for all young people that will stoke your adventurous spirit, reactivate your most wild memories and lead you to the best version of yourself. What makes Daniel’s work special and important is that it stirs us deep inside, where his story meets ours, his dream overlaps with yours and his curiosity becomes contagious.” Wallace J. Nichols, author of Bluemind

I have lived in cities and enjoyed them. I still do, but in moderation. I love their convenience. I love their dynamics, their powerful energy. They are simply pure miracles of ingenuity, realities that defy any conception of what is possible. No wonder humankind can see God in itself.

But at night, when the sun has set and I close my eyes to seek my dreams, I long for the sound of the wind slipping through the trees. I close my eyes and retreat into my world where the wild conducts its own symphony—frogs croaking, birds tweeting, crickets chirping.

I love the wilderness. I love being in it and feeling it. Wilderness is a place where the beautiful and the merciful live side by side. It is a place where nothing is pretentious and everything is interconnected. It is a place that calms and scares me, that constantly reminds me of what is essential. Wilderness generates my sanity.

I hope that through my book, you will experience this love and respect I have for the natural world.


Coffee table book, 237 pages

The book will be available through Rocky Mountain Books in Fall 2019

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