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“As an art dealer I am always on the look out for a sense of urgency – a moral purpose even – in the paintings I examine. In Daniel’s work I find these qualities in abundance. Each image of a natural event becomes a wonder through his lens; we are quietly but consistently reminded how fragile, how exquisitely precious, is our world. The choice of subject and viewpoint stops us in our tracks and sometimes absorbs us completely: The sky is brought up to our face, the eye of a horse reveals an endless distance. Daniel’s message is hinted at through an intense observation of his subject; but he is not didactic and the imagery is beautiful to behold. We just know it is our duty to love our world and to look after it. There is a deep conviction at work here. We are reminded now of a line of Wordsworth, now of a drawing by Ruskin or Turner. Daniel has a great gift with which to enthrall us.”

Andrew Wyld, Managing Director, W.S. Fine Art, London

Photography is an exchange between a subject and an observer. In my case my subject is wildlife, nature, and in these portraits there is a dialogue between me, the animal and the environment I am photographing. My objective is to capture a photographic moment with the intensity felt at the instant the shutter opened. I create a composition in my mind and then shoot until I feel I have reached my objective. Back at the studio, when looking at the images, I am often surprised and amazed at the results. The vast majority of details are unnoticed when the picture is taken and it is only later that the richness and depth of the moment is revealed. This is where my intuitive response comes to fruition.

I believe in enhancing a reality, not creating a new one. Although I produce my work digitally I do my best to stay true to the images I witness through my lens at the moment of capture.

My photography consists primarily of three styles:

WILDLIFE PORTRAITS – TOTEMS: When I photograph wildlife, I don’t hide from them,I want them to see me. I don’t want to be a visitor, I want to connect and be present. I don’t want to humanize and beautify them, I want to honor and recognize their spirit. I want to meet their gaze and share that deep ancestral sense of commonality we have.

NATURE PERSPECTIVE: Life is what we want it to be. We see what we want to see. I love to present nature in an abstract way, taking the context out and photographing the details. What is it? Is it a painting? A photo? The series PELE I did with lava on the Big Island of Hawaii and my series Rothko’ish, geometric landscapes, are perfect examples of this collection.

WILDERNESS EXPEDITION: Traveling by myself into the wilderness, my goals are to transport the viewers and have them experience what I am experiencing – the sense of connection with the environment. The photos are self portraits, using the tripod and time-lapse feature to capture the moment.

READ MORE – what I believe to be the greatest challenge in today’s photography – the necessity to DELETE photos.


I travel light, by myself, and am gone for long periods of time – so everything I have in my bag must be essential and extremely reliable – if not bulletproof!

CAMERA FUJIFILM X-T1, iPhone 5, GoPro H3
LENS FUJIFILM XF 50-140mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR, FUJIFILM XF 16-55mm  f/2.8 R OIS WR, FUJIFILM XF 10-24mm f/4 R OIS Lens, MeFoto Lens Karma Polarizers and UV Protection
BAG Thule Perspektiv Backpack
TRIPOD MeFoto GlobeTrotter Carbon Fiber
STORAGE Sandisk Extreme Pro

Commercial Assignments

Besides my time on expeditions and creating fine art photography, I also work on commercial and private assignments. Whether on a safari or at a conference, I am always excited in finding ways to deliver creative perspectives that capture the energy and spirit of the event. Clients include DLD Conference, Marin Magazine, Sierra Designs, Voltaic Systems, Kokatat, Nutcase, etc. For inquiry, use the Contact page.


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“Going beyond the rubric of ‘wildlife photography’, Daniel Fox’s images invite the viewer to act as celebrants/participants in a visual communion with Nature. Portrayed with a fresh directness that captures the immediacy of their natural environment, the subjects are offered not as “specimens” but as noble protagonists. A rare phenomenon – a rugged outdoors explorer as well as a uniquely sensitive photographer – Fox captures nature at its rawest and most challenging of states. He conveys its beauty and imbues it with exquisite poetry. Through this unique perspective, the natural world in its resplendence is both honored and transformed. Fox’s deep and abiding respect for nature and its primordial connections is rooted in his first boyhood encounters of the wild and has been nurtured through time by his creative ingenuity and passion for discovery. This lifelong dedication to studying and distilling the natural world has given shape and purpose to what he now views as his life’s mission – to bring to public awareness to the fragility and beauty of our world’s ecosystem.”

Vivian Bullaudy, Art Consultant, Former Director of Hollis Taggart Galleries