DISCLAIMER: All proceeds from my prints go to my WILD.ECO youth program

My Fine Art Prints seek to inspire introspection and awareness. The photos are visual guidelines that lead to a quiet place where the viewer can connect with its inner self. The simplicity and seemingly emptiness found in nature has a powerful purpose, it creates a place for us. It is an invitation for symbiosis. We are part of Nature. We are Nature. Just like Nature is within us, it is us.

The prints are sold in 2 ways:

ONE & ONLY Just like a painting, these prints are originals – printed once and never again. They are either commissioned or simply sold from what is available. What the client purchases is more than a photo, it is a story, a journey, a unique moment captured in the remote wilderness, an image that only them and no one else will ever have the privilege to feature on their walls. The prints are delivered unframed, signed, dedicated, with a Certificate of Authenticity and a personal letter telling about the journey on how the photo came to be and what it represents. There is no limit on the print size for those photos.

OPEN SERIES A limited selection of photos are available in sizes 32” x 20” & 40” x 25”. The prints are delivered unframed, signed, dedicated, and with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Contact the Studio if you interested in a ONE & ONLY print, or one from the OPEN SERIES.

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