I could never accomplish the work I do without the support and partnership of my sponsors. Each one of them, in their own way, enables me to reach into nature, explore our world and bring it to you visually and through the written word.


As a modern-day explorer, it’s hard to differentiate yourself; Daniel Fox, through his unique lens, has found a powerful way to do just that. His vision is innovative, his passion palpable. It’s exactly these characteristics that speak to (and inspire) his audience, which at Salsa Cycles, we feel is the same as ours—adventure enthusiasts, addicts and ambassadors. His talents, particularly in the photography department, match his lofty ambitions, and we’re excited to see what next peak he can summit!
– Justin Julian

Mountain Khakis

Through the MK Fund, Mountain Khakis has partnered with Daniel Fox and WILD Image Project for 3 years and running. His supersauce combination of talent, professionalism, communication and integrity blows the curve. We never question the outcome or quality of his projects. He is a leader and an influencer, and we are proud to be associated with him.
– Jen Taylor, Brand Manager & Creative Director

Voltaic Systems

“Since the moment we met Daniel we knew that we had found a true ambassador for our brand. His knowledge, creativity and dedication to protecting nature directly ties into our mission at Voltaic Systems. We are thrilled with the photographic work Daniel has done, as well as his adept sense of using social media to highlight our brand. Our unique portable solar chargers can be difficult to shoot in nature, but since day one Daniel has always captured the integrity of the products set in amazing landscapes. We truly look forward to our future partnership and what it will bring.”
– Sharon Brind

Sierra Designs

“Not only is Daniel a great photographer, but he’s extremely easy to work with. We’re happy to support his adventures and always look forward to seeing the images he captures. And since our passions are so heavily rooted in the outdoors, we also appreciate Daniel’s ongoing efforts to keep people connected with the natural world.”
– Scott Kaier


“When we first brought Daniel on board, I knew we had made the right choice. His passion and drive for what he does are teamed with a vibrant personality that makes him the ideal ambassador. His passion for the environment is unparalleled. He truly embodies our values at Kokatat and has delivered beyond expectations. He has a vested interest in seeing the brands he represents get plenty of media exposure. He is a talented individual that sticks to his ideals. From his rich photographic and multimedia content to his interpersonal interactions it is clear what Daniel believes in and is committed to working towards – something that would make any brand proud. He gives 110% when it comes to reports from the field, however remote that may be.”
– Marta Miller, Marketing Director

Antelope Island State Park

“Daniel’s philosophy and ethical base are very much in line with that of this state park, and I would dare say most natural resource professionals. His experience is ‘real world’ and he applies his knowledge and skills very well to his work. His understanding and appreciation of nature lend to his excellent work. The park was the beneficiary of his world class photography and I would not hesitate to allow him another visit to one of the state parks I manage or to work with him on future endeavors.”
– Jeremy Shaw, Park Manager


“Daniel Fox has an extraordinary talent for capturing beautiful scenes from remote locations all over the world. The stories he tells with his images inspire others to seek out their own adventures. His innovative skills and passionate spirit have expanded the reach of our brand and we are pleased to partner with Daniel to keep him connected no matter where his travels take him.”
– Allison Chamberlain Marketing and Communications Specialist

We Love Clean Rivers

“Daniel Fox is a man of extraordinary character. In this day and age of fast moving electronic texts and tweets, sometimes common courtesies are dropped. Daniel follows through; he follows up and understands the subtleties of etiquette. He’s a straight shooter, rock solid reliable. Further, he doesn’t just lead, he breaks new ground. He follows his own path. He’s created his own reality, a career allowing him the freedom to make new discoveries about our planet, enlightening millions to the beauty of our home and the challenges it faces. He’s got a grace rare in today’s world.”
– Rod Richards, Board Member / Marketing Director