WILD at Home! Your Pet Portrait

Our pets, these 4 legged friends that have captured our hearts, are our most basic way to manifest our need to connect with nature, with other animals.

When I photograph wildlife, I want to create “TOTEMS”, intimate portraits that honor and recognize their spirit. I want to meet their gaze and share that deep ancestral sense of commonality we have.

When photographing your animal, I not only want to capture its personality, but also the bond it shares with you, the partnership that exist, the precious and intimate interdependency that has developed over the years. What I photograph are “RELATIONSHIPS”.

If you want your friend or family member to be photographed with the same lens that I photograph wildlife, then it would be an honor to do so.

Go ahead and schedule your “WILD at Home Pet Portrait”

Price: $400 for a 2-hour session*

*includes digital files but not prints


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