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My name is Daniel Fox. I am an A.P.E.2, literally and figuratively. Genetically, I belong to the Hominidae taxonomic family, the great apes. And beyond that, I am an artist/author (A), photographer/philosopher (P), explorer/entrepreneur (E).

Through my stories, photographs, and any other creative projects, I seek to elevate the human species by using Nature as a framework for personal and collective transformation. 

I believe that Nature has the power to Nurture, Awaken, Transform, Uplift, Restore and Elevate the human spirit. 

My FOX Rules: Embracing Disruptions, Becoming Resilient, Nurturing Growth, and Flowing With The Rhythm serve to create resilience, and longevity to any journey, system, and project they are applied to.

“Fox is a modern Henry David Thoreau with the eye of an Ansel Adams. Through his compelling and intimate stories and his photography, Daniel invites us to look at nature not as a destination or as a separate entity, but rather as a mentor and mindset. His message is inspiring and reflective. He is a visionary who is able to deeply connect with the audience by sharing his vulnerability and personal journey.” Chip Conley, Hospitality entrepreneur and bestselling author


DIALOGUE & INTROSPECTION THROUGH INTIMACY & PERSPECTIVE. My photographs are catalysts for telling stories. Whether those stories are about our relationship with the natural world, about ourselves and our life's journey, or about the animals I connect with, my goal is always the same, to spark a dialogue within us and between us. The themes I explore through my photos are the notions of perspective, respect and connections.


I love coming together with others to share my stories and how nature has inspired me to become the most authentic version of myself. As a solo wilderness explorer and nature photographer who has made a career of dealing with the unexpected, and of discovering humility and finding wisdom in the wilderness, my goal is to use the insights and lessons acquired on the field and help the public at creating a foundation for getting the best from life while nurturing personal growth and success.

I believe that experiencing the world through the lenses of humility, reciprocity, and vulnerability opens the path to so many treasures and priceless discoveries. Transforming our struggles, challenges, and pain into growth not only brings us happiness and peace but also makes us celebrate what it means to be human. Life is not easy. Life is not fair. It is not meant to be fair. It is not meant to be perfect. It is meant to be lived, to be experienced, and to learn and grow from.

My stories are the basis for a foundation that values and nurtures the journey of life, one that is resilient and not afraid of challenges. One that ultimately, makes us better people.

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