Immersive Nature Audio with Sennheiser

I remember immersing myself as a young boy into a world of sounds and music. I would put those headphones on and disappear, figuratively speaking! I still do! Those rhythms and audio vibrations have always been a huge part of my life. Ask my wife. She will tell you how I spend my working days at home with noise-canceling headphones playing either House or Lo-Fi Chill, shutting the outside world out. Part of it is because I am super sensitive to everything that surrounds me. I see and hear everything. It is one of the reasons why I love going into the wilderness, the reigning simplicity and clarity in nature soothe me. I now find myself with the desire to incorporate sound in my art with the same intent that I do with my images and words, to create immersive nature experiences that open for “Dialogue & Introspection through Intimacy & Perspective“. It is with my utmost honor that I am announcing my partnering with Sennheiser and their Ambeo Immersive Audio technology, to bring you stunning nature immersive audio experiences. What we will be working on will awake the wilderness within you! I can’t wait!

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