Bill of Nature

Nature is more than a destination, more than a “place”. Nature is a mindset and a way of looking at the world. It is a teacher and a mentor. It is a set of values and principles on which one chooses to live accordingly, a framework for personal transformation. Nature is about reciprocity, balance and humility. It is a world of wonders, discoveries and wisdom.

Nature is Life – Life is Nature.

The Bill of Nature aims for our society to change its relationship with the natural world and view it in the same way we see Freedom and Democracy. As a value that needs to be honored and respected. Instead of seeing it as a commodity that needs to be managed and saved.

The Bill of Nature seeks to fuel a movement that guides and helps people understand how nature/life positively impact our human spirit. It wants to create a resilient and humble society. It is a celebration of who we are as a human species and our capacity to achieve, learn, adapt, and spiritually grow. It is a movement that values and nurtures the journey of life, one that is not afraid of challenges and change. It is a movement that honors time and human relationships. The Bill of Nature is a movement that uses the power of nature to Nurture, Awaken, Transform, Uplift, Restore & Elevate us. A power that ultimately makes us better people, guiding us towards our higher self.

This Bill sets the tone and direction on how citizens of this world want to move forward and into the future. This Bill is NOT about measuring or quantifying Nature or Life, but about creating a framework for our growth, a set of values that we prioritize culturally, and individually.

The Bill is be simple, clear and composed of keywords:

  • Humbleness NOT Righteousness
  • Better NOT Easier
  • Respect NOT Protect
  • Consciousness NOT Senseless
  • Reciprocity NOT Opportunistically
  • Community NOT Individuality
  • Slower NOT Faster
  • Local NOT Global
  • Accountability NOT Dishonesty
  • Long Term NOT Short Term
  • Forward NOT Backward
  • Optimism NOT Pessimism
  • Dynamic NOT Static
  • Evolution NOT Perfection

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