WILD.ECO (Wilderness Immersion for Leadership & Discovery through Education, Conservation & Opportunities) believes that immersion in nature is an important part of development, especially during the formative years when we begin to discover our sense of self, develop strong self-esteem, adapt leadership skills, challenge our physical well-being and acquire the capacity to live a balance life in a world dominated by technology.

Knowing the importance of today’s youth in shaping the future, WILD.ECO’s primary effort is targeted on giving youth, especially under-privileged teens, the opportunity to experience first-hand the positive impact nature can have on their lives through wilderness immersion camps. This immersion is a powerful first step that can help trigger or enhance the desire to explore and discover the natural world.  Through  experience  will they begin to uncover the beauty and challenges inherent in nature and from that experience be able to develop  self-confidence, boost self-esteem and developing valuable leadership skills.

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