What I Speak About

As a solo wilderness explorer and nature photographer who has made a career of dealing with the unexpected, and of discovering humility and finding wisdom in the wilderness, my goal is to use the insights and lessons acquired on the field and help the public at creating a foundation for getting the best from life while nurturing personal growth and success.


The FOX Rules: 4 lessons for personal growth and success => Embrace Disruption, Become Resilient, Nurture Growth, Flow with the Rhythm


The Nature of Transformation – what are the dynamics of change and growth 

The Nature within US – how tension, connectedness and reciprocity are pillars of life.

The Nature around US – how disruptions are essential for growth and success

The Power of the Voice – let the world hear you

Stop Breathe Relax Listen: how to set boundaries and empower our inner self

Fears & Anxiety: how to rise and take control

Solitude & vulnerability – un-luck your creativity and inner power

Take Away: Inspiration, Inner Peace, Hope, Renewed Energy, Deep Calmness, Humility, Perspective.

‘I find Daniel’s meditative and empowering approach to life truly inspiring. Using nature as a teacher, Daniel is helping us move forward, inviting us to embrace life in all its complexities. The clarity and wisdom he has acquired through his solo wilderness expeditions manifest themselves into powerful stories and mesmerizing photos. In these times of uncertainty, Daniel’s leadership and counsel is a gift  for any individual or company who is looking to turn challenges and obstacles into moments of growth and opportunities.’ Alison Davis, co-founder of Fifth Era & manager of Keiretsu Capital Blockchain Fund.

When you have a day that leaves you feeling inspired and excited for the future, it really is worth shouting about. Fox’ session ‘The Power of Nature’ has left a lasting impression” Kate Quick, IMEX Senior Executive

Just stunning! Thought-provoking and very powerful” Carina Bauer, IMEX CEO


What can we learn from nature? Why would IMEX decide to make nature its Talking Point for 2020 and 2021? Why would nature matter for the global meetings industry?

What is there to learn from nature? If there is one thing that I want you to remember and take away its those 4 statements, they apply to you, to your family and to your company…

As individuals, or as a society, what really defines us, and what really shows our strength is how we face our failures, tackle our lows, manage our tragedies and go through the unexpected…


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