What I Speak About

Through my speaking engagements, I share what personal insights and realisations I’ve collected from my own experiences, and through my interactions with the natural world. I strive for us to connect more with nature and with one another. In a world so fast-paced and filled with endless distractions, it’s easy to get caught up in a more materialistic way of thinking. I encourage myself and the peers I share with to be aware of what’s truly valuable in life, and to use our connection with nature as a constant reminder to exist in the moment.

Take Away: Inspiration, Inner Peace, Hope, Renewed Energy, Deep Calmness, Humility, Perspective.

‘I find Daniel’s meditative and empowering approach to life truly inspiring. Using nature as a teacher, Daniel is helping us move forward, inviting us to embrace life in all its complexities. The clarity and wisdom he has acquired through his solo wilderness expeditions manifest themselves into powerful stories and mesmerizing photos. In these times of uncertainty, Daniel’s leadership and counsel is a gift  for any individual or company who is looking to turn challenges and obstacles into moments of growth and opportunities.’ Alison Davis, co-founder of Fifth Era & manager of Keiretsu Capital Blockchain Fund.


Nature Nurtures, Awakens, Transforms, Uplifts, Restores and Elevates the human spirit. Let me share with you how nature has helped me find happiness and grow personally and spiritually despite the struggles and tragedies of life.

STOP – BREATHE – RELAX – LISTEN is more than a 4- word mantra. It is a powerful structure to empower your decision making. In today’s endless world of distractions, learning how to gain clarity is essential for your personal and professional success.

Deleting photos is an empowering skill and a crucial tool in developing your craft. It is also about not letting “things” define us. It is about being able to separate the excess from the meaningful. It is about existing in the moment, honoring and respecting the people we love, the places we cherish, and the times we want to remember.

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