The FOX Rules

Through my times of solitude and exploration in the wilderness, I have discovered that a fulfilling life is based on 4 fundamentals I call the FOX Rules. These rules apply to us all, to our family and to our businesses:

EMBRACE DISRUPTIONS, it is what makes life exciting and worth living. It is also what makes us grow and evolve.

BECOME RESILIENT, adapt. Find the right balance between being agile and being steady. The Japanese have this expression – Te no Uchi, it is the perfect sword grip. Not too hard so that you can move quickly. Not too soft so that you can stop a powerful blow.

NURTURE GROWTH, life expands, and growth is an undeniable reality of life. We shouldn’t be ashamed of it. But let’s not focus on the linear model of economic growth. Let’s see growth from a YUTORI perspective, a Japanese concept of well-being that includes economic wealth, free time, environmental amenities, competence, happiness, enjoyment, challenge, and behavioral freedom.

FLOW WITH THE RHYTHM, play the long game, don’t be granular. Don’t take anything for granted. Challenging times and struggles will happen. The question is not if, but when. Remember the movement of the tides, how things come and go. Whatever goes up must come down. Whatever makes you great today can and will become a challenge tomorrow. So expect and prepare for transformation.

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