Feel the Wild VR

Every place has an energy and a beauty
that goes beyond what is obvious to the eyes.
What they offer is a multi-sensory EXPERIENCE
that is not only lived in the moment but over a longer timeline,
delivering a spectrum of experiences that span from the immediate,
obvious and simple to the complex, subtle, and lasting.

To capture this MAGIC in all its expansive reach,
one must connect, listen, and commune with it.

This is what we do.

Our goal is to discover, process, and translate the complexity
and richness of places and deliver them to an audience
in ways that will be remembered FOREVER.

FEEL THE WILD VR is a virtual reality production company that I started to produce high-quality educational, inspirational, health and wellness-oriented immersive and interactive content.

Our goal is to build one of the most comprehensive libraries of super high-quality immersive audio/visual NATURE experiences and use the content to achieve the following:

  • Help to reduce stress and anxiety at home
  • Help cognitive development in poor neighborhoods
  • Help hospital/clinic patients deal with stress & anxiety
  • Facilitate meditation at work, at home, or at school
  • Help to develop a sense of connection to nature in urban poor neighborhoods
  • Set a pleasant setting for work out sessions
  • Virtual “bucket list” for terminal disease patients
  • At home educational interactive content

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