Minute of Nature

In our society we are constantly doing several things at the same time. We are talking to people while checking emails. We are scrolling our Facebook timeline while watching videos. We are cooking and watching television at the same time. And even when we watch television we are back on our phone doing something else. We are rarely truly in the moment, focused on one single thing.

The intended goal with the Minute of Nature is for you to do nothing but pause for 59 seconds. A little zen moment to give you the chance to breath and re-focus.

These Minutes of Nature that connect you to the places that made me Stop Breathe Relax Listen are raw un-edited nature video footage. They are about finding beauty and peace in the normality that surrounds us. They are not meant to be narrated over or edited with music.

So sit back, blow the video full screen, take your hands away from the keyboard, and just be in the moment, for 60 seconds.

Pause your day, breathe, and make your mind wander away.

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